Tips for approaching men or women in everyday life

In the article Steps for finding the perfect partner, one of the points was that to increase your chances of meeting the perfect partner, you have to be willing to meet as many people as you reasonably can.

Just think how many people pass you by every day without you taking a second glance. Call me a whimsical romantic but every single member of the opposite sex that you nonchalantly pass by each day could be your future soul mate! Read more

The ONLY reason you should stay in a relationship

Are you COMPLETELY satisfied with your current relationship?

The more couples I encounter – either socially or those I directly work with – the more I see just how many unfulfilling relationships there are out there. So many people are not completely satisfied with the relationship they have. Read more

Managing a long distance relationship

Long distance relationships are becoming a far more common setup these days. I would define one not necessarily by literal distance but by how often a couple can feasibly see each other.

This actually happens to be the situation my girlfriend, Heidi, and I were in for the first year or two of our relationship. Aside from the first few months where we lived in the same city, we were rarely closer than an hour’s drive apart and were often up to three hour’s drive away from each other. We both made the relationship work because we both WANTED to make it work! Although every relationship is different, here are some general pointers for managing a long distance relationship… Read more

Dealing with your girlfriend getting hit on

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when dating an attractive woman is accepting that other people will find her attractive and as a consequence, will try to hit on her.

I had it especially hard as my girlfriend was a freshman at University when our relationship first started becoming serious. This is a place where there are obviously a lot of sexually-charged, inebriated guys who don’t all necessarily have the best morals yet when it comes to dating. When I visited my girlfriend during this time, I would come up against a lot of situations where she was getting hit on and found several ways to effectively deal with it, both emotionally and in practice… Read more

Book review: Alec Greven – How to Talk to Girls

My wonderful Mother, knowing what I do for a living, recently decided to surprise me by buying me a book that has been getting a lot of media attention lately: How to Talk to Girls by Alec Greven. The talking point being that this so called “Dating Guru” is a nine year old boy from America… Read more