Movies to watch on a date

Having a movie evening with someone in any sort of romantic fashion requires a fair bit of commitment, so while it doesn’t make a particularly good first date, watching a movie together makes a great second or third date. I am by no means a movie expert, but I still occasionally get asked for movie recommendations suitable for dates, which is the inspiration for this article. Read more

Cheating on a partner does not matter

I’d like to start off by saying that I do not condone cheating as a general practice but too many couples react far too cut and dry when they find out their partner has cheated, rather than sit back and analyse the actual root cause of the infidelity. My personal definition of cheating is quite concise so I already know how I am going to react if I am ever faced with the scenario… Rationally and within the context of the specific situation! Read more

Dealing with arguments in a relationship

As I have said many times before, arguments in a relationship generally stem from not feeling loved, valued or respected enough. Humans are creatures of emotions and moments, so it is almost impossible to avoid arguments one hundred percent of the time.

The skill though is to recognise arguments early and if avoiding them is not possible then trying to move through them in the most amicable and beneficial way for your relationship is the number one priority. Below are a number of ways to deal with arguments in a relationship… Read more

10 ways to be the best boyfriend or girlfriend

In the conclusion to the article The ONLY way to prevent your partner cheating, I talked about being the best boyfriend or girlfriend possible. Below is a list of ten attributes that can help you be the best boyfriend or girlfriend possible… Read more

The most important principle in dating

My last article was about how to improve your dating life and social life by starting to approach and meet more people in everyday life. I thought I would write a somewhat related article before diverging into more in-depth relationship topics once more.

This article focuses on a dating principle that is often executed poorly, if executed at all… Read more