How to get out of the friend zone

The friend zone is a common dating scenario where one person develops feelings for someone with whom their relationship has always been purely platonic. The friend zone can also refer to a situation where one person openly reveals a romantic interest for someone else only for those feelings not to be reciprocated. This second description is commonly referred to as the “let’s just be friends” syndrome, due to that phrase being a common response to unwanted romantic interest from a friend. Read more

Is going on a break good or bad?

“I think we should take a break!”

It’s the phrase that everyone in a relationship dreads to hear from their girlfriend or boyfriend, and rightly so! Going on a break is rarely as innocent as it sounds and is indubitably the result of one or more problems manifesting in a relationship. Read more

Lying in a relationship

Humans are social creatures and as a side effect we have developed several hard-wired survival techniques. The ability to lie is one of those, although that does not mean it is the best technique to succeed in modern society, let alone relationships! Read more

Using Kegel exercises to improve sexual performance

I have had several requests from readers to write more articles focusing on sexual topics, so I have chosen to write on the topic of Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are something that you may never have heard of before. Most people who are already aware of them severely underrate the incredible effect they can have on one’s sex life. Read more

Topics to avoid with your girlfriend or boyfriend

I always advocate relationships that are fully open and trusting, regardless of how serious or monogamous they are. However, there are some topics that will do your relationship no favours being discussed in intricate detail, especially in the early stages of dating. Read more