The perfect first date

What does tradition tell us is the best first date: dinner, the cinema, or perhaps flowers and an open invitation to whatever the other person wants to do? All three of these are terrible! Let me deal with them separately… Read more

Steps for finding the perfect partner

Does the perfect partner exist? Yes. Will you ever find them? Possibly. With a degree of constructive searching though, you can increase the odds of finding someone who is very close to that elusive perfect partner ideal. Here are some of the ways you can skew the odds in your favour to find that perfect match… Read more

Starting a relationship in the best possible way

One of the main reasons relationships fail in the short term is because they didn’t start in a way that represented the relationship as potentially long-lasting. A lot of relationships start to decline if they cannot sustain, or they deviate away from the core foundations they were built on. Starting a relationship in the best possible way is key to making it a lasting and fulfilling relationship, as well as knowing early on if it is really the right relationship for you… Read more

Dispelling male myths about dating – part 2

This is the second part in the series ‘Dispelling male myths about dating’. The first part can be found HERE.

“Just be yourself”:

This is the killer, usually said by women who have got to know you, bypassed all your crummy social conditioning and realised that you are a nice guy underneath… just not one they want to sleep with! Else it is said by men who are already confident and experienced with women, but haven’t actually analysed the behaviour and skills that got them to that point during childhood.

If “being yourself” has not worked in the past, what makes you think that it would work now? My advice to this is not to try and fake being someone you are not – although modelling people you admire works wonders in the short term – but to practice becoming the person you actually WANT to be, with your core values and true personality on display for all to see. Be that new self, your BEST self, one that has all the limiting beliefs and negative thoughts stripped away. Read more

Dispelling male myths about dating – part 1

Before I delve into more in-depth dating techniques and advice, as well as more substantial relationship advice, I thought I would go through a couple of common dating myths that are floating around. I’ve heard these phrases and similar from many different sources time and time again, so I thought I would deal with them once and for all… Read more