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10 common mistakes men make in the bedroom

It is uncommon to hear that you’re a lousy lover from someone you are in a relationship with. Sex is such a personal and intimate thing that most people would dread the repercussions and the upset of telling their other half that they could do with improving.

It may be the case that your partner simply doesn’t know any better, having only ever experienced a mediocre sex-life.

The fact is that however satisfactory your sex-life is, you can always improve, be it with new techniques, improved performance or trying new experiences.

If you are keen to enrich your sex-life then the following list will give a good basis of initial things to be aware of. Below are 10 common mistakes men make in the bedroom… 🙂 [Continue reading this post…]

Sleeping with someone new for the first time

The pivotal point in the majority of relationships and one which signifies the progression of a casual dating relationship into something real and lasting is having sexual intercourse together for the first time.

Men and women have VERY different perspectives on sleeping with someone for the first time and although everyone has their own personal thoughts and concerns about how and when to sleep with someone new, there are many generalisations that are useful to understand.

This article will explain how men and women differ emotionally when deciding to sleep with someone for the first time, whilst giving some general thoughts on how to use these differing feelings to have a smoother progression in your relationships… 🙂 [Continue reading this post…]

Using Kegel exercises to improve sexual performance

I have had several requests by readers that it is about time I wrote another article on a more sexual topic, so I have chosen to write on the topic of Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are something that you may never have heard of before and a lot of people who are already aware of them severely underrate the incredible effect they can have on one’s sex life.

This article will give a brief background as to what Kegel exercises are before describing how they can improve sexual performance and then most importantly, detailing how to do the exercises for yourself… 🙂

What are Kegel exercises?

Kegel exercises were developed by an American gynaecologist called Dr. Arthur Kegel in the mid twentieth century. They are a method of strengthening the Pubococcygeus muscles (commonly referred to as the PC muscles) that are situated on the pelvic floor just below both the female and male genitalia. They were originally developed to aid pregnant women in having more physical control immediately before, during and after pregnancy but in recent years their effect on sexual fulfilment has also been keenly researched. [Continue reading this post…]

The basics of phone sex

Ever since mentioning phone sex as a means to additional sexual fulfilment in a relationship I have received several e-mails asking me to write about it in more depth, so that is what I have done here. 🙂

Phone sex is most pragmatic for long-distance relationships or other instances where you and your partner will be apart for some amount of time; basically, any time there will be an unavoidable absence of physical intimacy between you and your partner. Phone sex can also be used without these constraints though, simply as an extra way to spice up and vary a sexual relationship.

Engaging in phone sex with your partner may seem strange or mildly uncomfortable at first but this article will explain why it is a great activity for both you and your partner. I will also reveal some practical guidelines on how to make it as enjoyable for both of you as possible… 🙂

Why phone sex is great in a relationship:

Relationships take a lot of work to keep fresh and exciting and far too often couples find themselves shifting into a monotonous routine, especially where sex is concerned. Phone sex is not only exciting in itself but it is also a great way to let your imagination run wild and safely introduce ideas and fantasies that may seem inappropriate in person. [Continue reading this post…]

Getting your girlfriend or boyfriend to be more sexually expressive

Do you have sexual fantasies that you keep to yourself?

Is there a sexual fantasy you have that you really want your girlfriend or boyfriend to try but don’t know how to approach it?

Starting a new sexual relationship is one of the most exciting and exhilarating times but it doesn’t take long for sex with the same person to become monotonous. From the people willing to divulge aspects of their sex-lives it seems it is all too common for relationships that have surpassed the one-year mark (especially ones that have gone far beyond that) to have a sex-life that consists of a predetermined routine, devoid of all the passion, excitement and discovery of the initial period.

This article will talk about ways to get your girlfriend or boyfriend more sexually expressive as well as get them more interested in trying new things in the bedroom (or anywhere else you might have sex)… 🙂

Sexual Polarity:

Sexual polarity is something that David Deida as well as many other ‘sexperts’ talk about, whereby true sexual fulfilment for a couple requires both a masculine and a feminine counterpart. In more relevant language this means that for ongoing sexual attraction and passion in a relationship, there needs to be one person who is more sexually dominant and one person who plays a more submissive role during sex. [Continue reading this post…]

Why porn is bad and evil

With the advent of the internet, pornography has become a much more significant pastime in modern society and although it is still not completely accepted by older generations, its dominance as an industry is at an all time high.

I think my first introduction to porn was when my older sister’s male friend sneakily bought me and my mate a ‘naughty magazine’ as a treat when we were fourteen and I am not ashamed to admit that I have viewed a fair amount of the stuff over my youth. 🙂 This is equally true for a large proportion of males, although not so many females it seems. As a result of studying a wealth of sexual practices and techniques as well as developing my own sexuality, I have come to notice a lot of detrimental factors that come with watching too much porn… 🙂

Me next to a giant sign outside a club in Munich

Me next to a giant sign outside a club in Munich

[Continue reading this post…]