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Hello everybody! Well, believe it or not, is officially one year old, woohoo!! 🙂 It has been an immensely enjoyable year, where I’ve continued to develop a lot of my theories regarding dating and relationships. I hope you’ve enjoyed what I have published so far and here’s to many more years! 🙂

Before reviewing the articles from the last six months since the last review, I would like to quickly thank everyone who has read, shared and commented on any of my articles so far. Notable regular readers and contributors include Elena (if you’re a dog-lover then make sure you check out her website ‘Too Kool Doggies’), Joan, Eva, Pyrax, Dean, Fluffosaur/Starsparkle, Jon, some cute Canadian chick I know and everyone else!! 🙂

Without further ado, here are all the articles from the last six months… 🙂 [Continue reading this post…]

Valentine’s Day advice

That day of the year that some people loathe, whilst others adore is soon upon us again! Whilst I agree that Valentine’s Day gets overhyped and can be rather anticlimactic, it is a great opportunity to show your other half what they mean to you, or to get a foot in the dating scene if you are single.

This article will share a few ideas for February 14th, whether you are single, in a monogamous relationship, or anywhere in between… 🙂

Valentine’s Day if you are single:

A lot of single people try to ignore or steer clear of Valentine’s Day altogether but it is actually one of the best days of the year to meet people of the opposite sex.

The last Valentine’s Day that I was single I went to a bar with a few male friends and it was the most ridiculously easy night to meet women ever! It is reasonable to assume that anyone who is not with someone of the opposite sex is single and you can therefore be far more direct with your approach. [Continue reading this post…]

My personal path to a fulfilling relationship + an exciting update

Hello everyone,

If you are not a follower of my twitter profile then you may be wondering where this week’s update is. I decided to have a short break from updates for a few weeks so you can all enjoy your festive seasons and have time to apply some of the advice I have given throughout 2009. The ‘Best of’ page has probably been updated since you last saw it so that is a good place to find some of the best articles on

Christmas is a great time for improving our dating lives and enriching our relationships, so try and make the extra effort to both socialise and appreciate loved ones over the holiday period! 🙂

Another reason for this short Christmas hiatus is that I am busy working on a comprehensive e-book for you lovely people, to be released early in the New Year. I don’t want to reveal too much yet but it will incorporate a lot of the ideas I discuss on this website, whilst containing completely new content. As with everything on this website, it will also be 100% free with no advertising or up-selling at all! 🙂

My personal path to a fulfilling relationship:

As a further festive treat, I have created a four-minute video that will let you understand my personal path to a fulfilling relationship a bit better. [Continue reading this post…]

Can men and women really be just friends?

Whilst it is comforting to think that men and women can be purely platonic friends with no hidden feelings of amativeness or sexual attraction, this ideal seems to consistently get discredited with real-life examples.

I’m sure most of you reading this can claim to have platonic friends of the opposite sex but can you be certain that the feeling is completely mutual? In my experience there are only two characteristics that will allow two people to be void of this whole theory, which I will explain shortly.

I predict that there are going to be many differing opinions and examples for this topic, so whilst I will share some of my own insights, I want you to have a chance to share yours too. Please further this discussion by leaving a comment at the end of this article with your thoughts on whether you think men and women can ever truly be friends; I’m really interested in what other people think about this… 🙂 [Continue reading this post…]

Approach a woman and fall in love – The story of how I met Heidi

This is the story of how I met my wonderful girlfriend Heidi, almost three years ago. The story is told first from my perspective and then followed by Heidi’s own version of events… 🙂

Sam on the approach:

It was a typically balmy afternoon in Devon, South England and I was doing what British students do best during a weekday afternoon… loitering in town! 🙂

On my inversely gargantuan ‘to do list’ was the mundane task of purchasing a plain white t-shirt for an upcoming break-dancing performance, yet I was in a particularly excitable mood that afternoon… My degree was coming to an end and my leap into the big, scary real-world was imminent! 🙂

At this stage in my life, I was already very good at approaching and attracting women in bars and clubs and was already getting substantial work and seminar slots as a dating coach in London. Even so, you’re only good at what you know… and meeting women in less social environments such as the daytime was something I hadn’t put too much thought to at the time.

My excitable mood on that fateful Tuesday was heightened further on entering Primark (a cheap and cheerful English clothes shop) and seeing two attractive female friends of mine from the University. They were excited to see me and belted towards me to give me a rapturous hug… Little did I know at the time that this would play an unintentionally effective part in what was about to be a big moment in my life! [Continue reading this post…] six month review – every article listed

Hello everybody! I have just got back from helping instruct at another dating seminar/bootcamp in London and on preparing to write this week’s update I realised that tomorrow is exactly six months since I posted the very first article here on!

  • 30 unique articles!
  • 149 smiley faces! 🙂 …Make that 150!

It has been an immensely enjoyable six months, where I have developed and expanded a lot of my own theories regarding dating and relationships and I hope you have all enjoyed reading what I have written so far.

For this week’s update, to give you all a chance to catch up, I have decided to list every article posted by me here at so far, so you can check out ones you may not have read yet… 🙂 [Continue reading this post…] SWOT analysis

I recently signed up for an online course at called ’31 days to build a better blog’, more out of intrigue than anything else. The course started today and the first task was to create a SWOT analysis and elevator pitch for your personal website… In my case,

A SWOT analysis is a strategic marketing term that stands for ‘Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats’ and I thought I would share what I wrote with you lovely people, so that you can get a better idea of what strives to be… 🙂

Mission statement and goals:

Simply put, my mission statement is ‘to help others achieve everlasting relationship happiness through the process of conscious dating’. I’ve written more about this in my first post but it saddens me to see how many people there are out there either in unhealthy relationships, or not getting what they want in their dating lives. If some of my advice on these pages can help even a few people get what they deserve in their relationships, I will have achieved what I intended to. 🙂 [Continue reading this post…]

Book review: Alec Greven – How to Talk to Girls

My wonderful Mother, knowing what I do for a living, recently decided to surprise me by buying me a book that has been getting a lot of media attention lately: ‘How to Talk to Girls’ by Alec Greven. The talking point being that this so called ‘Dating Guru’ is a nine year old boy from America! 🙂

How to Talk to Girls by Alec Greven

'How to Talk to Girls' by Alec Greven

[Continue reading this post…] Introduction

Hello good people! 🙂

Well this website has been rather a long time coming. In fact I’ve had this domain name for well over a year now and whilst it has been used as a hub for a few other projects during this time, a relationships resource is what I’ve always intended for it; I merely wanted to make sure that I was qualified enough to really give guided advice on the subject first.

A Bit of background on me:

For about two years now I have worked with the world-wide LEADING Company in terms of dating science: Lovesystems, formerly known as The Mystery Method Corp (although what they are teaching now is widely evolved from what people know of the old company). They have been featured on primetime US television and in top publications. I have just returned from helping teach another bootcamp with them in London where we taught and helped a number of students to bring out their best and most attractive selves, simultaneously helping them enhance their dating lives. As rewarding as once again this weekend was, I have decided to expand from working solely as a dating coach. Whilst there is a considerable amount of prestige and money in this industry and what companies like Lovesystems are teaching at the moment is groundbreaking and really helping a wealth of guys across the globe, I feel I have personally conquered all there is to achieve in the ‘dating science’ sector of personal development and want to expand on that niche. [Continue reading this post…]