Approach a woman and fall in love – The story of how I met Heidi

This is the story of how I met my wonderful girlfriend, Heidi, many years ago. The story is told first from my perspective and then followed by Heidi’s own version of events… Read more

The number one relationship killer

Many problems in relationships can be solved with only a small amount of awareness and action. Things such as jealousy, lack of trust or arguments (all topics I have covered on this website previously; please check the archives) are either self-imposed psychological defects or temporary blips in an otherwise fulfilling relationship.

There is one facet in a relationship that once fully developed is very hard to overcome though. It is the main cause for the breakdown of relationships of several years or more and is also very subtle in its evolvement.

The number one relationship killer that I am referring to is… Read more

Sparklife six month review – every article listed

Hello everyone! I have just got back from helping instruct at another dating seminar/bootcamp in London and on preparing to write this week’s update I realised that tomorrow is exactly six months since I posted the very first article here on Sparklife! Read more

The basics of phone sex

Ever since mentioning phone sex as a means to create additional sexual fulfilment in a relationship I have received several emails asking me to write about the topic in more depth, so that is what I have done here.

Phone sex is particularly effective for long-distance relationships or other instances where you and your partner will be apart for some amount of time. Basically, any time there will be an unavoidable absence of physical intimacy between you and your partner. Phone sex can also be used without these constraints though, simply as an extra way to spice up and vary a sexual relationship. Read more

Nice guy or bad boy – find the perfect balance

Are you a nice guy?

The “nice guy” is a common term that gets casually thrown around the dating scene. It describes a man who may very well have lots of female friends, yet at the same time finds it hard to specifically convert that friendship into romantic interest with the women they desire. Ironically, women are actually looking for many of the qualities that nice guys possess, yet in popular culture women always seem to be attracted to the “bad boys”.

This article is going to break down the difference between these two contrasting behaviour types before explaining how you can attract the women you desire while still being a nice guy… Read more