Age gaps in relationships

A large age gap between a romantic couple always sparks controversy in modern society, no matter how happy the couple in question seem together. Read more

10 ways to earn your partner’s respect

Many relationship experts talk about respect in relationships, but it is not something that exists with the flick of a switch. Respect from your partner is something that you earn over time. It is the key to building true friendships and also the key to building a solid, long-lasting relationship! It may take a while to build a solid foundation of respect but it only takes a minute to lose it all. The following list contains ten ways to earn your partner’s respect… Read more

The best job for becoming more sociable

Whether you are single, in a monogamous relationship, or anywhere in between, the foundation to having a successful and happy dating life or relationship is learning how to communicate with other people effectively. This is also the essence of being sociable. Read more

Getting your girlfriend or boyfriend to be more sexually expressive

Do you have sexual fantasies that you keep to yourself?

Is there a sexual fantasy you really want your girlfriend or boyfriend to try but don’t know how to approach it?

Starting a new sexual relationship is an exciting time but it doesn’t take long for sex with the same person to become monotonous. From the people willing to divulge aspects of their sex-lives it seems it is all too common for relationships that have surpassed the one-year mark (especially ones that have gone far beyond that) to have a sex-life that consists of a predetermined routine, devoid of all the passion, excitement and discovery of the initial period together.

This article will talk about ways to get your girlfriend or boyfriend to be more sexually expressive, as well as get them more interested in trying new things in the bedroom (or anywhere else you might have sex)… Read more

Do you have an ego in your relationship?

The ego is the human mind’s way of distinguishing itself from the selves of others and objects of its thought. Although everyone possesses an ego in some form, the degree to which people let it meddle with their relationships varies considerably.

There are three main instances in romantic relationships where the ego is directly reacting to the situation. This article aims to explain each of those instances clearly so you can determine yourself just how deadly your ego is in your relationship… Read more