My thoughts on polyamory and open relationships

You may be familiar with the term polygamy, which refers to a married man or woman having more than one spouse at a time: a practice that is illegal in many cultures and frowned upon in others (although not all). Polyamory is a modern adaptation of this, which simply refers to someone having more than one loving or sexual relationship at a time.

Modern-day polyamorous relationships, or ‘open relationships’, have a somewhat negative reputation in modern society and I think this is largely because they are misunderstood.

I thought I would share some of my own insights into polyamorous relationships and explain how, whether you approve of the underlying principles or not, they can help enrich how you approach your own relationships and the attitudes and mindsets surrounding them… 🙂 Read more

How to get your ex back

As gets increasingly popular, I receive more and more requests from advertisers and affiliate marketers wanting my endorsement. For some reason, the most common request is from ‘get your ex back’ type programs.

There are specific reasons why I am reluctant to promote any program or service that deals with getting back with an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend that I will explain shortly, but this third-party interest does show that it is a common enough issue for me to cover.

This article will give a few tips on how to get back with an ex but will first address what I believe is a far more pertinent question… Read more