Sparklife one year review – every article listed

Hello everybody! Well, believe it or not, is officially one year old, woohoo!! 🙂 It has been an immensely enjoyable year, where I’ve continued to develop a lot of my theories regarding dating and relationships. I hope you’ve enjoyed what I have published so far and here’s to many more years! 🙂

Before reviewing the articles from the last six months since the last review, I would like to quickly thank everyone who has read, shared and commented on any of my articles so far. Notable regular readers and contributors include Elena (if you’re a dog-lover then make sure you check out her website ‘Too Kool Doggies’), Joan, Eva, Pyrax, Dean, Fluffosaur/Starsparkle, Jon, some cute Canadian chick I know and everyone else!! 🙂

Without further ado, here are all the articles from the last six months… 🙂 Read more

Connecting in a relationship and interacting using frame theory

A lot of people say, when put on the spot about dating someone specific, or when deciding to end a relationship, that they are just not “compatible” with this other person.

The truth is that compatibility is created and we can learn to be compatible with just about anyone.

It is the art of connecting with someone that we base this compatibility supposition on: some people connect with each other far more naturally than others, which is generally how we get into romantic relationships.

It is for this reason, that when a couple come to me, adamant on staying together and working on their relationship, that helping them to connect with each other is the number one priority. If you can positively connect with someone (and I will explain what I mean by positively connecting in this article) then the basis of a fulfilling relationship is already there… 🙂 Read more