Compromising in a relationship

Whilst the general advice I give when dating or in the early stages of a new relationship is to ‘lead and guide the interactions’ and ‘bring them into your world’, some people take this far too literally when they are actually in a relationship. Doing these two things dogmatically, you will become the selfish, unreasonable partner.

Every healthy relationship needs compromise! Humans are extremely complex and varied creatures, so no matter how suited you feel you and your partner are, you will always have differing opinions on certain things. It is unlikely you will ever have someone who always confidently agrees with you and decidedly wants to do whatever you want to do and let’s be honest, how fun would that actually be! My standard rule for compromising is:

If something doesn’t hurt me or go against my core beliefs and principles then do it.

There is a lot more to a healthy compromise between a couple than this though and this article aims to break it down to its core components… 🙂 Read more