Valentine’s Day advice

That day of the year that some people loathe, whilst others adore is soon upon us again! Whilst I agree that Valentine’s Day gets overhyped and can be rather anticlimactic, it is a great opportunity to show your other half what they mean to you, or to get a foot in the dating scene if you are single.

This article will share a few ideas for February 14th, whether you are single, in a monogamous relationship, or anywhere in between… 🙂

Valentine’s Day if you are single:

A lot of single people try to ignore or steer clear of Valentine’s Day altogether but it is actually one of the best days of the year to meet people of the opposite sex.

The last Valentine’s Day that I was single I went to a bar with a few male friends and it was the most ridiculously easy night to meet women ever! It is reasonable to assume that anyone who is not with someone of the opposite sex is single and you can therefore be far more direct with your approach. Read more

Should I stay or leave my relationship

January is a busy time in the world of relationships. It is a month that is traditionally teeming with resolutions and renewed self-discipline and so the cities are filled with singles determined to take control of their dating lives and couples wanting to refresh, enrich and repair their relationships.

It is a common period of reflection too and so over the last month I have been working with both men and women who are going through the process of reassessing their relationships either independently or with their partner.

Whilst this article won’t categorically tell you whether you should stay in your relationship or leave it, it will give you a few things to think about regarding whether to stay or leave and explain the best mentality to have regarding any decisions… 🙂 Read more