My personal path to a fulfilling relationship + an exciting update

Hello everyone,

If you are not a follower of my twitter profile then you may be wondering where this week’s update is. I decided to have a short break from updates for a few weeks so you can all enjoy your festive seasons and have time to apply some of the advice I have given throughout 2009.

Christmas is a great time for improving our dating lives and enriching our relationships, so try and make the extra effort to both socialise and appreciate loved ones over the holiday period! 🙂

Another reason for this short Christmas hiatus is that I am busy working on a comprehensive e-book for you lovely people, to be released early in the New Year. I don’t want to reveal too much yet but it will incorporate a lot of the ideas I discuss on this website, whilst containing completely new content. As with everything on this website, it will also be 100% free with no advertising or up-selling at all! 🙂

My personal path to a fulfilling relationship:

As a further festive treat, I have created a four-minute video that will let you understand my personal path to a fulfilling relationship a bit better. Read more

10 reasons not to get married

I would like to start by saying that I am not adamantly against marriage myself but that the committal of marriage should be done with a lot greater thought and awareness than most people seem to utilise. It’s no coincidence that divorce rates are so high when we are pressured by society to believe marriage is the correct course for all long-term relationships.

I personally would rather go through life having never been married but having experienced many fulfilling relationships that were right for me at the time than marry the wrong person out of some sort of commitment obligation.

This article will highlight ten reasons why marriages consistently fail and will hopefully give some food for thought for people who believe marriage is a top priority. I encourage you to discuss, argue or agree with any of the points in the comments section at the end of the article… 🙂 Read more

Dealing with approach anxiety

Approach anxiety is an unusual phenomenon… It is irrational and unbeneficial yet remains a very real experience for a lot of people!

Approach anxiety is the manifestation of a number of physiological and emotional symptoms we get when we decide to actively meet a stranger. The time where this is most significant (which is also what makes it highly relevant to the topics on this website) is when thinking about approaching someone we are attracted to.

Humans are social creatures and we live in a sophisticated world of several billion people, yet there are still common scenarios where we find it abnormal to approach a fellow human being and instinctual responses take over our logical desires in those moments.

There are probably a few naturally confident men and women, socialised at an early age, who are reading this and cannot relate to this feeling of approach anxiety. For the rest of us, I’m sure you can think of a time where you really wanted to meet someone, perhaps someone you are physically attracted to, and approach anxiety kicked in; else, you simply dismiss the idea of actively meeting people in this way altogether.

I’ve yet to meet someone, regardless of situation or relationship status that hasn’t had their lives enriched by learning to meet more people or overcome their anxieties. This article will explain where approach anxiety comes from and then detail a simple three-step method for overcoming it… 🙂 Read more