Can men and women really be just friends?

Whilst it is comforting to think that men and women can be purely platonic friends with no hidden feelings of amativeness or sexual attraction, this ideal seems to consistently get discredited with real-life examples.

I’m sure most of you reading this can claim to have platonic friends of the opposite sex but can you be certain that the feeling is completely mutual? In my experience there are only two characteristics that will allow two people to be void of this whole theory, which I will explain shortly.

I predict that there are going to be many differing opinions and examples for this topic, so whilst I will share some of my own insights, I want you to have a chance to share yours too. Please further this discussion by leaving a comment at the end of this article with your thoughts on whether you think men and women can ever truly be friends; I’m really interested in what other people think about this… 🙂 Read more

Managing the most powerful emotion in the world – The love equilibrium

I know that my girlfriend loves me very much but there’s still something acutely powerful, blissfully reassuring and downright indomitable about hearing Heidi utter those magical three words to me.

I’ve worked hard over the past few years to rid myself of any negative emotions and anxieties and be able to control my emotions at will, yet I truly believe that the only emotion that cannot be suppressed is love!

That’s fine if your love for someone is equally reciprocated but what if it is not? And even if it is reciprocated, does the intensity fluctuate over time?

This article will introduce some new theories I have been working on surrounding love and how to manage what is ostensibly the most powerful emotion in the world… 🙂 Read more

Sleeping with someone new for the first time

The pivotal point in the majority of relationships and one which signifies the progression of a casual dating relationship into something real and lasting is having sexual intercourse together for the first time.

Men and women have VERY different perspectives on sleeping with someone for the first time and although everyone has their own personal thoughts and concerns about how and when to sleep with someone new, there are many generalisations that are useful to understand.

This article will explain how men and women differ emotionally when deciding to sleep with someone for the first time, whilst giving some general thoughts on how to use these differing feelings to have a smoother progression in your relationships… 🙂 Read more

The complimenting challenge for both singles and couples

Today’s update is a practical assignment that will have a positive effect on many aspects of your life. If you’ve been following my twitter profile recently then you will have noticed that the lead up to this challenge revolves around thinking about the best compliments you have ever been given and how you felt when you received them. If you haven’t responded to that yet then please add the best compliment you have ever been given in the comments section at the end of this article. The responses I have received so far have highlighted the variety of positive emotions that I was expecting.

The following complimenting challenge takes very little time out of your daily routine (in fact it is incorporated directly into it) and will have a profound effect on both your dating life and your relationships… 🙂 Read more