Sparklife six month review – every article listed

Hello everybody! I have just got back from helping instruct at another dating seminar/bootcamp in London and on preparing to write this week’s update I realised that tomorrow is exactly six months since I posted the very first article here on!

  • 30 unique articles!
  • 149 smiley faces! 🙂 …Make that 150!

It has been an immensely enjoyable six months, where I have developed and expanded a lot of my own theories regarding dating and relationships and I hope you have all enjoyed reading what I have written so far.

For this week’s update, to give you all a chance to catch up, I have decided to list every article posted by me here at so far, so you can check out ones you may not have read yet… 🙂 Read more

The basics of phone sex

Ever since mentioning phone sex as a means to additional sexual fulfilment in a relationship I have received several e-mails asking me to write about it in more depth, so that is what I have done here. 🙂

Phone sex is most pragmatic for long-distance relationships or other instances where you and your partner will be apart for some amount of time; basically, any time there will be an unavoidable absence of physical intimacy between you and your partner. Phone sex can also be used without these constraints though, simply as an extra way to spice up and vary a sexual relationship.

Engaging in phone sex with your partner may seem strange or mildly uncomfortable at first but this article will explain why it is a great activity for both you and your partner. I will also reveal some practical guidelines on how to make it as enjoyable for both of you as possible… 🙂

Why phone sex is great in a relationship:

Relationships take a lot of work to keep fresh and exciting and far too often couples find themselves shifting into a monotonous routine, especially where sex is concerned. Phone sex is not only exciting in itself but it is also a great way to let your imagination run wild and safely introduce ideas and fantasies that may seem inappropriate in person. Read more

Nice guy or bad boy – find the perfect balance

Are you a nice guy?

The ‘nice guy’ is a common term that gets casually thrown around the dating scene. It describes a guy who may very well have lots of female friends, yet at the same time finds it hard to specifically convert that friendship into romantic interest with the women that they want. Ironically, women are actually looking for someone with the very qualities that the nice guys possess, yet in popular culture women always seem to be attracted to the ‘bad boys’… Why is that?

This article is going to specifically break down the difference between these two contrasting behaviour types before explaining how you can attract the women that you desire whilst still being a ‘nice guy’… 🙂

The difference between nice guys and bad boys:

Women are generally very good at describing what they want their ideal partner to be like and they will readily list off a number of qualities that nice guys typically possess: loyal, trustworthy, reliable etc. The problem is that in these circumstances women are thinking in terms of someone they could experience a long and fulfilling relationship with, not someone who is going to subconsciously attract them when they first meet. This is the first cause for why men are sometimes confused as to what women really look for in a man. Read more

Age gaps in relationships

A large age gap between a romantic couple always sparks controversy in modern society, no matter how happy the couple in question seem together. Although my personal experience with age-gap relationships is far from an extreme example, my current relationship would probably be considered one by some people. I am four years older than Heidi, which may not seem significant but due to the fact we were both fairly young when we first started dating, we did have to deal with a mild amount of external judgement at the time. This mainly came from two sources, each with slightly different sentiments: first was Heidi’s family whose feelings were that of concern and secondly were some of my friends whose opinions were portrayed more in the form of humorous teasing. In my experience of speaking to other couples in relationships with differing ages, these are the two sorts of external judgement that are most common in this situation.

Read more