Getting your girlfriend or boyfriend to be more sexually expressive

Do you have sexual fantasies that you keep to yourself?

Is there a sexual fantasy you have that you really want your girlfriend or boyfriend to try but don’t know how to approach it?

Starting a new sexual relationship is one of the most exciting and exhilarating times but it doesn’t take long for sex with the same person to become monotonous. From the people willing to divulge aspects of their sex-lives it seems it is all too common for relationships that have surpassed the one-year mark (especially ones that have gone far beyond that) to have a sex-life that consists of a predetermined routine, devoid of all the passion, excitement and discovery of the initial period.

This article will talk about ways to get your girlfriend or boyfriend more sexually expressive as well as get them more interested in trying new things in the bedroom (or anywhere else you might have sex)… 🙂

Sexual Polarity:

Sexual polarity is something that David Deida as well as many other ‘sexperts’ talk about, whereby true sexual fulfilment for a couple requires both a masculine and a feminine counterpart. In more relevant language this means that for ongoing sexual attraction and passion in a relationship, there needs to be one person who is more sexually dominant and one person who plays a more submissive role during sex. Read more

Do you have an ego in your relationship?

The ego is the human-mind’s way of distinguishing itself from the selves of others and objects of its thought and although everyone possesses an ego to exist, the degree to which people let it meddle with their relationships varies considerably.

There are three main instances in romantic relationships where the ego is directly reacting to the situation and this article aims to explain each of those instances clearly so you can determine yourself just how deadly your ego is in your relationship…

How much do you like your partner?

It sounds silly to question how much you like your partner… You wouldn’t be with them if you didn’t like them, right?

Personal qualities and physical attributes go without saying… Humans have an innate intuition as well as a logical function regarding these two factors. What I’m referring to here is how much you like your partner on a deep, subconscious level. In other words, are you with your partner because you share a deep connection and it actively adds to your external happiness or are you with them to feel a more complete sense of self-worth? Humans have an inherent desire to feel loved so it’s not something that anyone should be ashamed to admit. It is worth thinking about though if you want to know if you are going to experience real love and everlasting happiness with your partner. Read more