Dealing with your girlfriend getting hit on

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when dating an attractive woman is accepting that other people will find her attractive and as a consequence, will try and hit on her.

I had it especially hard as my girlfriend was a freshman at University when our relationship first started becoming serious. This is a place where there are obviously a lot of sexually-charged, inebriated guys who don’t all necessarily have the best morals yet when it comes to dating. When I visited my girlfriend during this time, I would come up against a lot of situations where she was getting hit on and found several ways to effectively deal with it, both emotionally and in practice… 🙂

Take pride that she is attractive to other people:

Think honestly if you would rather date someone who no one ever showed any interest in, or someone who everyone wishes they were with? It is a massive COMPLIMENT to you if someone hits on your girlfriend. 🙂

As I’ve stated before, flirting within certain boundaries is harmless and it actually invigorates a woman to know she is still desirable to men, so let her have this non-judgemental validation. I remember talking to one of my older brother’s female friends a while back (they are around the thirty year old mark) and she said her biggest fear was to no longer have guys show interest in her as it would be a sign that she is becoming old and unattractive. Embrace the fact that your girlfriend is attractive and be proud to show her off to the world, knowing ultimately that she is with YOU! 🙂 Read more

Book review: Alec Greven – How to Talk to Girls

My wonderful Mother, knowing what I do for a living, recently decided to surprise me by buying me a book that has been getting a lot of media attention lately: ‘How to Talk to Girls’ by Alec Greven. The talking point being that this so called ‘Dating Guru’ is a nine year old boy from America! 🙂

How to Talk to Girls by Alec Greven

'How to Talk to Girls' by Alec Greven

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Why porn is bad and evil

With the advent of the internet, pornography has become a much more significant pastime in modern society and although it is still not completely accepted by older generations, its dominance as an industry is at an all time high.

I think my first introduction to porn was when my older sister’s male friend sneakily bought me and my mate a ‘naughty magazine’ as a treat when we were fourteen and I am not ashamed to admit that I have viewed a fair amount of the stuff over my youth. 🙂 This is equally true for a large proportion of males, although not so many females it seems. As a result of studying a wealth of sexual practices and techniques as well as developing my own sexuality, I have come to notice a lot of detrimental factors that come with watching too much porn… 🙂

Me next to a giant sign outside a club in Munich

Me next to a giant sign outside a club in Munich

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How to get through bad patches in a relationship

I actually disagree that there is such a thing as a ‘bad patch’ in a relationship. Every relationship is made up of individual moments, which are guided by how each person in the relationship is feeling at each particular moment. However, a lot of couples refer to a consistent spell of negative emotions in their relationship as a ‘bad patch’. There are several ways to become more conscious about these situations and ultimately decide how best to rectify them… 🙂

The main cause of bad emotions in a relationship:

The main catalyst for bad emotions in a relationship and what constitutes for 99% of those emotions is a feeling of inadequate validation from your partner, or to put it another way, not feeling loved enough!

Think back to all the times you have felt even the slightest bit of resentment towards your partner and I imagine you can make this theory fit. Even seemingly trivial acts in a relationship can contribute towards this. Something inconsequential such as your partner not showing enough interest in something you’ve achieved, or your partner not taking the time to understand your point of view can incite these initial feelings of undetected resentment. Often even a justifiable reason, such as being overwhelmed or busy, cannot counteract the feeling. Read more

Text message flirting guidelines

A common request that I get is for help and guidance on texting a new potential suitor. Usually I receive this request from guys, as girls will more readily ask their friends for advice, but occasionally I get this request from a girl. Sometimes I flat-out get asked to write a text from scratch for someone, although I will explain why this wouldn’t really benefit you shortly.

Due to this demand, I have decided to compile a list of general guidelines for texting someone you have recently met and acquired the phone number of. These guidelines are most relevant for the beginning stages of dating. After knowing someone for a while and getting past the initial pressure of texting someone new, you won’t have to worry about these concepts, although they are still useful to keep in mind when texting in a relationship… 🙂

First thoughts are usually the best:

Have you ever sat there staring at your phone, agonising over what to write, modifying your drafts hundreds of times, asking around your close friends for creative input and then agonising some more before finally sending something similar to what you had in the first place? More often than not, what you immediately think of when creating or replying to a text message is the best. Over-analysis is the killer of creative flow! Read more