Hello good people! 🙂

Well this website has been rather a long time coming. In fact I’ve had this domain name for well over a year now and whilst it has been used as a hub for a few other projects during this time, a relationships resource is what I’ve always intended for it; I merely wanted to make sure that I was qualified enough to really give guided advice on the subject first.

A Bit of background on me:

For about two years now I have worked with the world-wide LEADING Company in terms of dating science: Lovesystems, formerly known as The Mystery Method Corp (although what they are teaching now is widely evolved from what people know of the old company). They have been featured on primetime US television and in top publications. I have just returned from helping teach another bootcamp with them in London where we taught and helped a number of students to bring out their best and most attractive selves, simultaneously helping them enhance their dating lives. As rewarding as once again this weekend was, I have decided to expand from working solely as a dating coach. Whilst there is a considerable amount of prestige and money in this industry and what companies like Lovesystems are teaching at the moment is groundbreaking and really helping a wealth of guys across the globe, I feel I have personally conquered all there is to achieve in the ‘dating science’ sector of personal development and want to expand on that niche. Read more